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My insane request...

2008-07-30 23:47:06 by The-Omnipresence

Im looking for a hentai manga, but not just any manga. A specific one with the phrase:
"The amount of cum is increasing by the second!"

I use that picture for my TF2 spray, but since I formatted my hard drive. I haven't been able to find it, and my incest "knock up my own sister" spray isn't cutting it for me.



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2008-07-30 23:49:19

Sorry, can't help ya. Wish I could.


2008-07-30 23:51:12

ewww fag

The-Omnipresence responds:

What does faggotry have to do with finding that one panel in that one hentai?


2008-08-17 22:27:53

You want someone to find a manga based off one tiny line in the book? Needle in the haystack dude.

The-Omnipresence responds:

Yeah, but its all I got to go on! I don't even need the whole manga, just that panel.


2008-08-18 21:13:15

Then why dont you put the panel up on this blog and maybe someone will reconize the art work or something like that.

The-Omnipresence responds:

Because I don't have the panel, and I need that manga for the panel, which I would use for my TF2 spray.