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2008-02-21 01:13:20 by The-Omnipresence


I have not been defeated once, my tactics are perfect. I make kids cry with my display of mental genius as I fire rockets into there units. So bow to me, your new lord and savior.
Well actually everyone I played online against quit midway into the battle, thus making me the victor.

What would you guys give it? /70076_PAnch2.php

All I got was garbage....

How the hell did that happen?

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high.
Take a look, Its in a book.
Reading Rainbow!

Friends to know and ways to grow
Reading Rainbow!

Take a look its in a book


Bigbadron just killed our fun...

2007-12-26 20:34:13 by The-Omnipresence

Good night sweet prince...


The prince possibly resurrects?

Ahhhh... The BBS Awards...

2007-12-17 23:09:44 by The-Omnipresence

Another year where all the popular users get their dicks sucked, while us regular folk have to stand back and watch it happen. I guess I wouldn't make a post like this if I was nominated, but really what are the odds of that happening.

Maybe in a couple of years I can get my dick sucked by thousands too.

I feel angry and I need to make a post to express it thats all.

Best Artist:


HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! A NOMINATION!!!! Thanks demonofthehiddenmist!
Now I feel silly for making this post.

So Im going to Post my dreams here....

2007-12-13 01:44:46 by The-Omnipresence

Yeah Im going to do my damndest to remember my dreams from now on so I will start writing them down on a piece of paper once I wake up.

And the interesting ones will be posted up here for you to read and comment and laugh at maybe?

So this morning around 3:00 I wrote something down and fell back asleep then when I woke up again and read it.

It said, "Toyota Ridgeline towing capacity". Could there be a hidden meaning in this?

Todays dream involved a bagel, a single solitary bagel. Maybe I wanted Bagels?

Ok so this time, I dreamed that I was some kind of warrior and that I had to kill some king. Well I went chopping up many a man and eventually I somehow get a dagger and stab the king about 3 or 4 times. And I run off pass the knife to some guy in a denim jacket and jump off a cliff. Somehow I get some third person side view of myself and credits are rolling to the side of me.

What the hell does this mean?
--------- ANOTHER UPDATE----------
This time, I broke into a house for some unknown reason. And while I was in there the lights came on and I see Bigbadron. He yells at me saying what the fuck are you doing in here and proceeds to make threats about stabbing me. Then I wake up.

A simple story

2007-11-26 01:31:51 by The-Omnipresence

Now children gather round, I shall tell you a story.

This is a story about a child named Billy. Billy was a good child, he ate his vegetables, did his chores and listened to his parents.

Then one day, Billy met a man on the street. This man offered him something called Marijuana. Now Billy heard of this plant, but never thought anything of it. Just then a car hit Billy and the man and were both slammed into a nearby building. The man died instantly from his wounds while Billy was bleeding internally and suffered from a shattered pelvis and a fractured spine at the Thoracic region, turning him into a paraplegic.

Being an only child and since he lost the ability to use his penis, Billy's family line died with him.

The lesson here is that you should not do drug selling on the street, but in public bathrooms or parks or even on a sidewalk. But never on street.

: Also drugs are bad, but I'm not stopping ya.

BRS Just killed our fun

2007-07-28 18:04:16 by The-Omnipresence

And that makes me a sad panda.

But its memory shall live on in this link! 5727/1