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Transformers for the NES

2007-07-24 22:42:41 by The-Omnipresence

This must be the most difficult game ever created, I swear I cant even move one step sometimes without getting killed.

In this game you play as Ultra Magnus, the crappy autobrat, and I dont know the story, im guessing it involves the autobrat matrix or something.

Well anyway you move from left to right until you make it to the boss then beat his ass.
If that was even possible.

What makes it so hard is that the bullets are small as hell and looks just like the background so you dont even know what killed you some times, and when you die you have to start the entire level over again, no there are no checkpoints, its like the game was made to cause fustration.

The enemies consist of Jets that when you shoot transform into robot midgets, robot egg looking things that just move up and down, a tank, and some wierd looking hourglass thing.

You can transform but I have no idea how to attack in that mode. Well not horizontally at least just straight up, yeah very helpful.

The music is so repetative that it's guarantee to get stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

Bottom line: This game sucks.

If I have anything else to complain about, ill just edit this.

Also Decepticons>autobums

This man is a god.

Aura Wars

2007-07-19 02:33:58 by The-Omnipresence

It is the Year 2007.

Tom Fulp has intoduced the redsign for his site Newgrounds, with the update comes change, but sometimes change is not always good.

Most of the updates and changes were good, but there was one, the auras, which caused the most problems. There are 5 auras: Light, Dark, Neutral, Evil and Fab.

The Light are the peacekeepers of the site, they try there best to maintain order within the site from the forces of The Dark and The Evil and sometime The Fab. There color is Blue.

The Dark do whatever they want whenever they want, they mostly do what serves them, but are sometimes may lend a hand to fellow Darks. There color is Grey.

The Evil are a chaotic hoard of insane phsycopaths and maniacs, they are unpredictible and their actions and often fight amongst themselves. There numbers are so vast that if they were to settle their differances, they could possibly take over the site entirerly. There color is Red.

The Fab is a new, fledgling, aura. They promote the spreading love and peace around the site, almost often though violence. There color is Pink.

The Neutral are a group of people that have not allied to the other four auras because they are undicided or they just dont want to fight. There color is Green.

The war is about to begin, the five forces are preparing for a war that could shatter the very land they shall fight apon.

Only one aura shall shine.
Which will you choose?
And thats how my movie would start!

AND I AM INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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