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2009-07-28 19:53:07 by The-Omnipresence


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Wall Street Kid

2009-07-10 03:04:36 by The-Omnipresence

*Taken off of a post I made in a thread about bad games*

Wall Street Kid, good lord it barely qualifies as a game. It's a stock management sim for the NES, who the hell thought that was a good idea? The main goal of the game is for the Wall Street Kid to inherit his dead uncles fortune by fulfilling the contract in his will which apparently involves trying to become the biggest yuppie douche possible.

But don't worry about that it seems he's already well ahead of becoming that, in the first cutscene the uncle's lawyer tells The Wall Street Kid that he just died, but is our hero saddened by this news? Nope, hell he's smiling like the little douche that he is. But if you lose the game(which you will) he's all saddened and depressed. Prick annoys the fuck outta me.

Wall Street Kid's uncle was probably a big douche to, one of your objectives is to get a trophy wife, because we all know rich douches have trophy wives. I mean the whole "manage your money like a responsible adult" makes sense, but why the wife thing? Did he want to make sure his nephew wasn't gay or something? What an asshole!

The gameplay consist of staring at white text on black screens and buying and selling This game also comes with the worst password system I've ever seen, it's gotta be like 26 characters long or something with normal and inverted characters thrown in to piss you off. How the hell am I supposed to write that shit down?

Im pretty damn sure the CIA uses the music in this game to interrogate prisoners, with a soundtrack that only includes 4 of the most annoying notes ever conceived looping through the entire game. The moments of silence between each note is almost some kind of musical paradise that you're going to be begging for when you hear it.

Bottom line: no other game in this thread would compare to this... abomination of coding. I keep this game around me to remind myself that no matter how bad a game is, it will never, NEVER, be worse than this.

One last thing, on the cover is the phrase "Use it or Lose it", well I have used this shit and I lost my damn mind because of it! GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Shaq-Fu is a better game than this.

Wall Street Kid

The Worst Dream

2009-06-25 17:43:47 by The-Omnipresence

I had a dream....many moons ago, a dream that still haunts me to this day. When I think about the horrible memories come back, but I MUST tell the tale.

In the dream I was hungry so I went over to the kitchen to get a plate of tortilla chips, deciding for some reason that was just to plain of a meal I thought of putting ketchup on them. I took one of the ketchup covered chips and put it in my mouth. The taste was so unimaginatively horrible that I cannot even form the words to describe it.

I looked down to my plate to discover that every single chip was covered in the red sauce. Most normal people would have thrown them in the trash at this point, but for some odd reason I couldn't, perhaps out of some strange sense of not wanting to waste food I began to eat the rest. That horrible indescribable taste just kept multiplying by a hundred fold with each ketchup soaked bite and the pile of putrid chips never seemed to end. And I just kept eating and eating with tears running down my face.

After what felt like eternity I eventually awoke, but the taste was still there and would not leave no matter what I tried to remove it.

For those few hours of sleep it was my own personal Hell.

It's true and you know it, deny it all you want but Deadpool can kick the ass of any character you throw at him. HE KICKED CAPTAIN AMERICA IN THE DICK TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT. I don't see the Avengers going around kicking people in the dick. He fought Bullseye in a suit made of MEAT. Have you seen the X-men fight in meat suits? Didn't think so. "Hulk stronger than all"? Screw that, Deadpool impaled his ass, HE IMPALED THE HULK! You know what happened to Wolverine when he fought the Hulk? He got torn into two pieces like Jazz in that Transformers movie.

Deadpool > everyone

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Thats if people can even get to make mods of course.

My insane request...

2008-07-30 23:47:06 by The-Omnipresence

Im looking for a hentai manga, but not just any manga. A specific one with the phrase:
"The amount of cum is increasing by the second!"

I use that picture for my TF2 spray, but since I formatted my hard drive. I haven't been able to find it, and my incest "knock up my own sister" spray isn't cutting it for me.


Crysis on the DS

2008-07-12 01:24:31 by The-Omnipresence

I was shocked when I saw it but it seems Crysis is being ported to the Nintendo DS, how did they shove such a graphical beast into something soooo small?

Here's a link if you guys don't believe me!

And a screenshot too!!!

Crysis on the DS


2008-04-17 22:01:48 by The-Omnipresence


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The following was a story I did for my Psychology class.

It is A.D. 2101, war was beginning. The Russians have become communist once again and plotting to take over the world, like last time. So in a desprate attempt to save the free world as we know it, the Chinese and United States governments sent in their ultimate weapon. A panda bear pumped with more drugs than five meth labs and crack houses combined. They named the weapon: Commanda Panda.

In the dead of night a lone plane dropped a single crate in the middle of a communist camp. Five commies come towards it. The crate busted open sending chunks of wood everywhere and stabbing one in the eye. An enraged panda rushed towards one commie and ripped it's head off with it's saw like teeth. The other three tried to flee but were caught, beaten, raped and murdered. In the morning the camp ran red with blood, soon all of Russia will be the same...